Is God calling you to a vocation as a Secular Franciscan?

Do you have a desire to...

  • make Christ the center of your life?

  • to seek Him: in others - in sacred scripture - in the Church and Liturgy?

  • to share Christ with others?

If so, are you willing to...

  • enter a lifetime of ongoing conversion/penance?

  • pray, worship, participate in the sacraments of the Church?

  • embrace Our Lady and follow her example of complete self giving?

Can you envision a Franciscan lifestyle that emerges from gospel living?

  • trusting in the Father's Will?

  • simple living, a spirit of detachment, avoiding privilege?

  • purity of heart, chaste life, sincerity?

  • community...accepting all people on an equal basis, especially the lowly?

  • selfless service and a desire to build the Kingdom of God?

Are you willing to spread the gospel through concrete action?

  • do you have a hunger for justice?

  • will you promote family life?

  • will you minister towards Creation?

  • will you be a peace-maker?

If you believe God may be calling you to become a Secular Franciscan, then please contact us for more information. Peace and all good!